Ruin may come with Vita and PS3 copy

One of the most exciting things to see come out of E3 was Ruin. Ruin, a Dungeon Crawler game, was shown of the PS Vita. It was also said that you were able to save your game save and transfer it over to play on your PS3. This has been want Sony and Many others have wanted for a long time now. True integration with a handheld and a console. A big question is “Will we need 2 copies of the game to play this way?” And the Ruin guys said Its up to Sony if they want to charge for two copies. With theirĀ aggressiveĀ pricing of the Vita has me thinking we will see only being charged for 1 copy.

Another interesting point they brought up about the PS3 and Vita is Co-Op. They said it is possible to create a multiplayer game where one buddy plays a game on his PS3 and another on his Vita. This Co-Op aspect is very interesting and I hope we see games created to do this. The Vita is looking to be a game changer.


Source: ArsTechnica