NCIS: A Geek Girl’s Love

I don’t have cable or network at home. I live, instead, on DVDs and praise the gods for Netflix. The biggest downside of this particular living arrangement is that I miss many new shows and have to wait for someone to make me watch them. For that reason I’m forever grateful to my mother. A few years ago she started telling me about a tv crime show that she had started watching and she swore up and down that they must have based one of the characters on me. She was eccentric, love goth/industrial clothing styles and music, loved to hug on her friends, was a geek, worked in forensics and didn’t care what others thought of her strange style.
Yep, that’s a pretty good description of me except for the working in forensics. (I’ve actually got my criminal justice degree and plan to continue on with my forensic science degree as soon as I have funds.) One day I even happened to wear my hair in pigtails to work and one of my coworkers called me Abby. I mentioned that my mother had done the same thing. So naturally I was curious about this character and the show. I caught an episode or two when I would visit my mother on holidays but I really fell in love when I got the first season through Netflix.
I freely admit that I’m absolutely addicted to NCIS. The storylines are always able to catch my attention and while I can sometimes guess the outcome before the end, there are many times I’m surprised and I LOVE that! The relationships between the characters and how they change from season to season keep me coming back, always curious to see what will happen next. I’ve been known to call people “Probie”. I want a farting hippo stuffed animal.
And the smacks upside the head that I’ve done to folks (affectionately, of course) for years I now call “Gibbs-slaps”.
Do I even need to mention that Mark Harmon as Leroy Jethro Gibbs is one sexy man and NCIS agent?
It’s true that I might be biased toward crime dramas. I love Law & Order, NYPD Blue, Dexter and so on. Still, NCIS blends the drama, action and comedy so well that I can find myself laughing and crying all in the same episode. There aren’t many shows that can make me do that (I can think of maybe 3 off the top of my head) so I tend to become attached to those that can.
I know the newest season just started on television and I’m sad that I can’t watch it as it happens. Instead I’ll finish off this recent season on DVD and then wait and bite my nails until this new one is finished and released.
And I’ll continue to wish that CBS would produce a licensed NCIS farting hippo. Though if any of you want to make one based on the show and send it to me as a gift, I’ll totally accept that too!