Minecraft is No Longer a Giant Hole in Your Computers Security


Minecraft has always used Java’s code system. It’s fine as long as the particular version you are running doesn’t have security exploits or load adware/crapware, which most versions tend to do right after an update. But if you wanted Minecraft to run as fast and smooth as possible you had to have that security-risk, of a software, up-to-date.

For the past couple months or so Minecraft has had a launcher.exe that you started before Minecraft. In a recent update, in the advanced settings, you can enable a feature that allows Minecraft to download a standalone version of Java that only runs while playing Minecraft. It can even be a bit of a performance boost and can even raise you FPS by double for some.

Now the only thing we are still missing is this wayward Modding-api that we were promised way back when.