I’m on a Blimp! (thank you DCTV!)

After a 5 year hiatus I finally made it back out to Dragon*Con this year and between running a panel, a Tauntaun sack race (go ahead, ask) and dealing with 6 different costume changes in 3 days, I had a blast!

Without a doubt one of my favorite parts of the whole convention is the Dragon*ConTV channel. The folks involved write and film a number of shorts, from ridiculous geeky commercials to Adult Swim style bumpers and then broadcast them over specific channels in each hotel and often on screens before panels start. So anytime I was in the hotel room to snarf some food or toss around costume bits like a madwoman, I had the TV tuned to that particular channel. They often will mix in old spots with newer ones (I did see one from 6 years ago that I did a quick voice-over for) and they never fail to get laughs.

This year there were a few that stuck in my head and I’m sure I’ll write about more of them in a week or so. Bob & Carl, Apology on the Mount and Portal Pranks were just a few that had me giggling for awhile. There was one, however, that is still stuck in my head almost a month later.

“I’m on a Blimp!”

This song, a Steampunk parody of “I’m on a Boat”, pops into my head at the most random moments and I’ll often find myself grooving and singing along before I realize it. It’s earned me quite a few odd looks and even some friends joining in when they hear me.

So now I present to you, “I’m on a Blimp”! May it get stuck in your head and may yo pass it on to infect your friends.

(And here's the link for anyone who can't see the above video: I'm on a Blimp)