“I know what that music means!” – a new kind of horror with “The Room”

The Room

The Room

Looking for a movie that will make you stare at the screen in abject horror, wanting to tear your eyes away but unable to do so? I’ve got the perfect movie for you.

It’s not the newest Saw sequel.

It’s not a zombie flick.

It’s not even an odd numbered Star Trek film.

I’m talking about a film by Tommy Wiseau called “The Room”.

You may have heard about it. It may have been whispered. It may have been said with laughter. Heck, someone may have said it and then run to the other room to yawn in Technicolor. Or you may have no idea what I’m talking about.

“The Room” was a flick that was written and directed by Tommy Wiseau who also stars in the film as the main character, “Johnny”. Supposedly it’s a black comedy and follows Johnny and the people he knows (and the people they know) in their various problems during a certain point in time.

In reality it’s like watching Cinemax at 2am but with less attractive folks.

I mean, what can you expect from a movie that cost $6M to make but only grossed about $2,000 when it was released? I’ll tell you what you can expect: an absolutely terrible movie that is worthy of cult status and Riffing!

The first time I saw this movie was with the RiffTrax and it’s a good thing that I had that comedy track because without it I might have run screaming from the room at the musical intro for the second abysmal sex scene. With the Riff Trax, (even though I agree, the movie pretty much riffs itself) it’s bearable and can keep you laughing or crying out in horror the entire time.

So if you’re planning a “bad movie night” I highly recommend you nab this movie and the RiffTrax for it as well.

I do caution against watching it alone as it is possible that your brain might melt.

And to my friends that showed me this movie last weekend…I’m still not sure if I should thank you for the laughs or poison the next batch of nachos I make for you. *wink* If nothing else it’s made for hilarious inside jokes.