Google Goggles Boggle the Mind


A little while back we talked about Google Goggles (Rumored name: Google Eye) and what that would be like. Well, Google came out with a concept video to show us what it might look like to use the goggles.

I have a couple points to make about the design. How do you see the HUD? I don’t see a len or anything. I like the sleekness of it, but you’ll still look crazy like the people who wear bluetooth headsets everywhere. Last thing is how to control the display? When Google first talked about the goggles they said that it would connect to your Android phone and you’d control it that way. But it didn’t look that’s what the guy in the video was doing, unless he can do all that without looking at his phone. I’m definatly looking forward to finding out how they work.

Now to finish is a video on how it can go oh so wrong.