Fruit Ninja Kinect 2 Review (Xbox One)


Score: 7 out of 10

These are some Pro Moves

These are some Pro Moves

If you liked the regular Fruit Ninja modes those are still there. You have the mode of if you miss three fruit and/or slice three bombs you’ll lose. Another mode is just time based bombs are still there but you don’t lose, there’s just a delay in the fruit appearing. The third “Classic” mode is zen mode where again is time based but there are no bombs.

There are four new single player modes that you can choose from in the “Festival” menu. Each new mode has a new character to introduce the new mode. Katsuro’s Ninja Dodge Dodge is a mode where shurikens are being thrown at you while slicing as much fruit as you can. More and faster shurikens are thrown as you successfully dodge more and more. Mari’s Strawberry Stealth puts your Ninja skills to the test by slicing fruit while Gamemodesavoiding moving spotlights. Being spotted sounds the alarm and points are lost the longer you stay in the spotlight. So if your shoulder just seen for a split second, less points are lost than if you do your best deer in a headlight impression and just stand there. Nobu’s Bamboo Strike is a mode where you have to slice the bamboo seeds before they hit the ground. Miss one and bamboo will grow to block you from slicing fruit. Han’s Apple Range is probably my favorite new mode. You have to throw knives at fruit instead of slice them. There are targets that pop down that you have to hit with your knives.

Fruit Ninja 2 Screenshot 2015-03-24 20-22-22It is $14.99 on the Xbox Store. In my opinion that’s a little pricey for a game that doesn’t have too much content. You can unlock all the game-modes in the matter of 15 minutes. Just like many Kinect games you can work up a bit of a sweat.  If you liked the first Fruit Ninja on the Xbox 360 you’ll like the new Fruit Ninja Kinect 2.

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