Five reasons for NerdRage!!

nerd rage

With so much going on with everything right now theres a lot of good stuff coming out, at the same time there is a lot of crap things happening in the world of geek.  I have a few lists on the go at the moment but this seemed to be the easiest so here goes.

Number 5:

World of Warcraft – Cataclysm

This falls under both good and bad, if you have played the game consistently at each level cap since the start of WoW you will have really seen the game evolve.  With so much controversy surrounding Wrath of the Lich King the WoW universe has never been so split,  How will Cata come across to the masses?  Will it be as charitable to the annoying 12 years olds as WOTLK was?  Will it be as much of a grind as Vanilla?  Personally I am hoping for it to be more like The Burning Crusade as that was the most enjoyable time in game for me where noobs were noobs, no one pugged end game content and there was a clear structure at max level.

Regardless of your opinion or preference you can be sure of one thing.  There will be a LOT of people crying over it.  Some Blizz fanbois will be head over heels in love with it but safe to say most folk will have some gripe that it’s too easy, too hard, classes are too OP etc etc etc.  Also another reason to nerdrage is it’s not here yet and I am impatient. ;-p

Number 4:

Bravo being taken off the air in the UK.

For those of you in the UK you may be aware after Sky buying the Living Group they have decided to pull certain channels as of January 1st 2011.  Bravo is the biggest one for me since it means TNA Impact, 1,000 Way to Die, Leverage and Spartacus Blood and Sand will need to find new homes.  While they have said certain shows will be redistributed we do not know what timeslots or channels they will end up on.  I will not be impressed if they are switched to Midnight on Sky 3.

Number 3:

Mark Ruffallo as Banner in the Avengers movie.

Not happy about this one personally, I thought Norton was the perfect Banner in the last Hulk movie.  Saying that I did wonder how they would justify such a “big” cast for Avengers so it makes sense they have brought in an unheard of in Hemsworth as Thor, mid card names such as Ruffallo and Chris Evans then the big money guys in Downey Jr, Jackson and Johansson.  A bigger name as Cap (such as Will Smith) and Norton as Banner would have maybe pushed the budget too far but it would have just been so amazing.

Number 2:

Magic The Gathering – Everything to do with it.

Ok am I the only one that thinks the prices are getting outrageous, we are now paying £3.50 (probably about $5 US) per booster and then to assemble a reasonable Standard deck which will last about 3 months some cards are reaching £40 at times which is INSANE for one piece of card.  Granted that is not Wizards fault really but the playerbase, thought WOTC could maybe make Mythics less rare, even slightly.

Next up MTGO, there is no way this should cost just as much as the paper based game, fair enough individual cards are less expensive using tix compared to real life (sometimes) but the store prices are ridiculous for what you actually get.  Then to add tax on to it as well…/sadface.

Lastly in the latest DLC for Duals of the Planeswalkers  and that it is coming out on the PC ages before the 360.  Really been waiting on it for a while and hope it comes sooner than later.

Number 1:

Xbox LIVE Activation Codes:

This has REALLY got to me the last few months.  I’m assuming it’s not just in the UK but across the board but when you buy a new game which has LIVE content you need to enter an activation code found on your instruction booklet.  This is similar to what they brought in for PC games a few years back.  So yes fine I understand it’s all about money money money but come on.  If you do NOT have an activation code it is 800 points to access LIVE content.

So if you are like me and borrow games from friends or buy pre owned games as they are cheaper then you are totally screwed.  Let’s face it pre owned games are usually not that much cheaper until they are really old so is it worthwhile now to buy pre owned games nowadays?  Some games are going for £45 on release (COD being he big one) so pre owned for first few months lucky if it goes down to £30 within 6 months, then on top of that you need to buy 800 points.  Does this not totally screw over the whole trade in system for everyone since it will be better to buy brand new?

Any of these annoy you?  Anything here you disagree with?  Anything annoy you more? Let me know below.