Windows 10 day 10 Cent Sale!


First off I apologize for not posting this sooner. This sale has been going on for a couple days but should last all of this upcoming week. There are a wide variety off Games(with Xbox Achievements), Music, Apps, and video rentals on sale. The price is a single dime. That is right, you can buy a game or rent a movie for 10 cents. The only catch is you must have Windows 10, but since Win 10 is free for anyone with Win 7 or newer that shouldn’t be a problem. Just open up the App store and you should start to see the content that is on sale. I will provide links for some of the noteworthy content for 10 cents below:sale

Movie Rentals (Only on sale for 11/22/2015 new deals every day)

These rental price is only good for today, but you have 14 days to watch and 24 hours from when you press play to finish.

Games (A few games with xbox achievement points)

These games seem to be available for the entire sale. There is also music and other apps on sale too but for sake of time and space on this article, I will not be posting those.