PSP2? In your Dreams

Back around November low quality photos surfaced from VG247 of one of the PSP2 rumored development kits. From what could be made out from the grainy, sketchy looking images was some pretty surprising and interesting features if these were indeed real.  It was shown of a new touch-pad on the rear of the unit, cameras on both the front & back and as you can see dual analog sticks! No one has confirmed if Sony will choose this exact form factor which seems to be modeled after the PSPgo, but one can conclude it may be the most viable choice due to the company dropping the UMD format. The new systems specifications are said to rival even those of the Xbox 360; showcasing a larger HD screen, Memory Stick storage and faster processing power. In any case someone far way talented than I has designed some supurb mock up images of the device based on the original leaked photos.

The photos were posted by PSM3 and created by @SumimasenUK (or Sumimasen). Formed from part of a recent news article in the magazine, speculating on both the PSP2 and (still unofficial) PlayStation Phone. As of now we still don’t know how close if at all these are to the real PSP2 but we can dream can’t we? I’ll shut up now and let you bask in the dreamy images of PSP2ness.