New Casting for the Ender’s Game movie

Ender's Game

A fantastic novel!

The movie version of Orson Scott Card’s novel Ender’s Game is one that is often feared and hoped for by fans. If you’re not familiar with the book (and if you aren’t you should go nab a copy today) let me explain why it is somewhat feared:

Most of the characters are kids. Under the age of 10.

No offense but I admit to being one of those fans that has both wanted to see a movie but worried that it would never be done properly because of that particular fact. (And how would you manage the Battle Room scenes?)

Over the past few months I’ve watch rumors of actors being pulled into the new Ender’s Game movie project and finally I find myself actually excited.

Blastr announced today that Harrison Ford would be playing one of the few adult characters (and one of my favorites), Col. Hyrum Graff.

Suddenly I’m much more interested in this particular movie project.

What are your thoughts on the new bit of casting and the movie as a whole?