Kickstarter: Auris


The past few years the market has flooded with iPhone/iPod docks. You have alarm clock docs, stereo docks, docks in your car, and others I’m sure. The problem with Android and docks have been the different designs have made it tough to be able to create one that would fit a majority of Android phone. And with the recent iPhone 5 charger size change all these docks have become almost useless for buyers of the iPhone 5. Well the folks at Touchkraft have the Android and iPhone 5 covered with Auris.

Auris is a simple bluetooth device that docks in on any iPhone/iPod dock that is pre-iPhone 5. This allows the iPhone 5 and Android phones to simply connect to it using A2DP technology and play music over bluetooth.  A2DP is a technology that is only found in certain bluetooth devices so not all bluetooths have this technology. Touchkraft has passed their goal of $40,000 and are about to hit $60,000.  They have 19 days left of their Kickstarter. As of right now you can get 1 Auris pre-ordered for $30. They plan to retail at $40 so that is a 25% savings and you will help support a fantastic idea and soon to be product. Check out their Kickstarter at the source below as well as their video.

Source: Kickstarter