Google introduces Project Fi


Wireless Carriers have been competing hard these past few years. They will give you a free phone, pay your Early Termination Fees, or a variety of different incentives.  Google is Jumping into the game and their incentive is fair pricing and better connection.

Google announced Project Fi. Project Fi is their new program that gives their users a better Wireless Carrier option. They are partnering with Sprint and T-Mobile for Project Fi. Project Fi will allow you to have the best connection and will route your communication to whichever is best. If Sprint’s coverage is best in your area then your phone will use Sprint. If T-Mobile is best it will use T-Mobile. And if you have WiFi access then it will use WiFi.

I mentioned Pricing and the price is pretty amazing. Project Fi will cost $20 for unlimited talk, text, Wi-Fi tethering and internation coverage in 120+ countries. The mobile data is $10 per GB. The best part is you only pay for what you use. Every 100MB you don’t use you will get $1 back. If you pay for 2GBs and only use 1.5 then you will get $5 back.

The only drawback is the Nexus 6 is the only phone right now that works with Project Fi and is available for $649 on the Google Store website. If you are curious you can check to see if the coverage is in your area with their Coverage Map. And if you do have coverage you can sign up for an invite for there as well.

Source:Google Blog, Nexus 6, Project Fi Coverage Map