Game Deals 6/19/12


I am one for a good deal. The Microsoft Store’s website is having a few games on sale that you might want to take a look. Take a look at the list below and click the link if you are interested in the games.

  1. Kinect Sports- $19.99
  2. Halo: Reach- $19.99 (or Amazon has the DLC code for $15 Click Here )
  3. The Gunstringer with Fruit Ninja- $19.99
  4. Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary- $19.99
  5. Dance Central 2- $19.99
  6. And a few others…
Newegg has 3 months of Xbox live for $12.99.
Here is a great deal for the PS3. Sony PlayStation 3 3D Display Bundle With Motorstorm, Uncharted 3, Killzone 3 $249.99+Shipping
I will try to make an effort to put more game deals as they come along. And it won’t just be game deals either! Make sure you stay subscribed to our Twitter to watch out for all of our posts including great deals!