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(Includes spoilers of the game Gone Home)

I’m not sure what I could say about Gone Home that others haven’t already said. Everyone has already touched on how emotional and immersive the game is. Some people may dismiss it because it’s a game where you don’t actually shoot anything or go into combat at any point. Instead it’s a point and click mystery with a couple of puzzles and a lot of intrigue. There are also some that don’t like it because it is “too short.” To me this was just the right amount of time for a game like this. Then there are the few that complained that the game was very misleading in its tone, because they were expecting some sort of survival horror adventure. I believe the creepy atmosphere was done for the sake of the character. Imagine what she is going through. This is your first time in this house, no one is home, and there is a huge storm going on outside. Now it’s up to you to piece together what exactly happened and where everyone is.