Amazon Cloud Player-Play Your Music Everywhere

The following is featured on . It introduces Amazon latest feature the Amazon Cloud Player. The Amazon Cloud Player gives current users 5GBs of storage on their Cloud Drive. There are additional plans one can buy ranging from 20GBS-1000GBS. Mainly this storage is used for,but not limited to, music. You are then able to access the music( or other files) from your computer or Android device. The Amazon MP3 android app now has an option to access you music on the cloud. This allows you to create you own music streaming player. This is another huge step for amazon. This also gives android a huge advantage. The Prime Instant Video, Amazon Android App Store( with a free app a day), and now Amazon Cloud Player have been huge announcements. I look forward to what amazon has in store for the rest of the year or if they have shown their hands early. I am hoping an app for Prime Instant Videos will be in the future for android. These steps also help with my theory of an android based tablet by Amazon.

UPDATE: If you Buy any album from Amazon MP3 Store, get automatically upgraded to 20GB. Link for more info Click Here.