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A Galactic Collective Unconscious in Star Trek?

Romulus & Remus

Romulus & Remus

Every now and then I end up in an incredibly geeky conversation at work. This week I was mentioning having shown Star Trek: Nemesis to my friend Amanda. As I was writing about the things that I like about the movie (even though it’s not my favorite) I mentioned the Remans and how it was interesting to have a movie focused on them. That immediately led to me wondering about the naming of the Romulan homeworld and how they ended up with names from Earth mythology. (Romulus and Remus)

As I was typing all this out, because of course I had to lay out my train of thought for my fellow geek, I speculated on the possibility of a galactic collective unconscious in the Star Trek universe. Carl Jung talks about it a great deal and uses it to explain how things like ancient civilizations on Earth developed similar myths, legends and stories without being able to communicate with each other. He says that we all have access to this collective unconscious that is universal to our species and we draw from the archetypes already in there when we create many of our stories and legends.

What if that could be applied on a galactic scale to many races in the Star Trek universe?

Think about it.