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Anime Review: My Mental Choices are Interfering with my School Romance Comedy


 Score: 8.0


Genre: Ecchi, Harem, Comedy
Version: Subbed
Episodes: 10
Where I watched it: Crunchyroll

Open up a dirty magazine, found in a park, and inhale or eat a page. Decisions, decisions.

Open up a dirty magazine, found in a park, and inhale or eat a page. Decisions, decisions.

Synopsis: My Mental Choices are Interfering with my School Romance Comedy is about a high school student, named Kanade Amakusa, who has an interesting problem. Every so often a voice in his head gives him a multiple choice task that he has to perform or risk major headaches. These tasks could be anything, from “take off your shirt and oink like a pig while on all fours,” to “a beautiful girl will fall from the sky”. Even if these choices alter reality like turning Kanade into a female or into a drain that will never clog. Usually the choices that he has to choose from are all bad and he just has to better the lesser evil. So when given the option to either flirt with his unattractive neighbor or have a beautiful girl fall from the sky he goes with the obvious and a girl fall from the sky on top of him. She is an angel, sent by God to help him get rid of his Absolute Choice curse. The only problem is that’s all she can remember. Now he’s getting “missions” sent to his phone and once all of these missions are complete the curse will be removed. So now Kanade and Chocolat (the girl who fell from the sky) try to complete the missions which are just as strange as the Absolute Choices themselves.

My Thoughts (Spoilers): This is a pretty QpjviMH good comedy anime. This was also my first simulcast anime to finish. It was definitely a different experience to watch one episode a week instead of the whole series at once.

Some of my favorite scenes where at the end when we saw what would have happened if he picked one of the other choices, like the being turned into a female or being turned into a drain. I thought the females around him were all great. Furano the tsundere of the group, and whenever she talks to herself she sounds a lot sweeter. Ouka is the lovable goofball. Chocolat has the loyalty of a dog and her cowlick even wags like a dog when presented with food. One of my favorite episodes of the series was the episode that Chocolat got her memory back. She was a completely different person and very forward toward Kanade.

There were a couple times where this show was borderline henati. One example that comes to mind is the pool episode where Yuragi and Ayame were having a battle, Yuragi with her Onee legion and Ayame with her “gimps” (I’m calling them that because that’s how they were dressed). Yuragi then pinned Ayame to the ground and processed to titty fuck her with a water pistol. Yes you read that right. Titty fuck with a water pistol. You can’t get much more borderline than that, while still being able to be shown on Japanese TV and still be *PG-13. There are panty shot but since simulcasts show exactly what was shown on Japanese TV they are whited out. (*according to myanimelist.net)


Having the “hotties” of the school like him, pretty much backfired.

This is one harem anime where a front runner isn’t quite present. For example in Ahh My Goddess the front runner was clearly Belldandy or in Rosario + Vampire it was Moka. They were the ones that you knew the main character would chose in the end. But in this show {Warning Final Episode Spoiler} Kanade is given a Absolute Choice to confess his love to either Chocolat, Furano, or Ouka. And he can’t chose.

I would watch more of this anime because I thought this was a funny show and it is hard to do funny like that and make it cross language barriers. There were a couple of occasions where I had to pause because I was laughing too hard to read the screen. The story did seem to take a bit too long to get through though. Spending 3 episodes to complete one mission was a bit too much, especially considering this anime is only 10 episodes long. I do hope there is a season two.

I would recommend this anime to anyone who doesn’t mind Ecchi Harems. As well to someone who doesn’t mind read subtitles.