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We had so many great games, movies and so much more come out at the beginning of the year. So much that I’ve heard people wonder if the 2nd half would be able to deliver the goods. Well I’m going to give you a quick glimpse of whats coming out in September. I believe this is probably the best month of the year for entertainment and here is why:

Theater Releases

Machete– Sept 3-What started out as a spoof trailer for the movie Grindhouse has become a highly anticipated movie.

Resident Evil:Afterlife-Sept 10- I know most gamers think these movies are horrible, but if you can step away from the games and look at it as just a movie they are enjoyable. This one is the 4th in the series and is suppose to use the same 3D cameras that made James Cameron’s Avatar a unique visual experience.

Blu-ray/DVD Release

Killers-Sept 7- I cant personally say much about this movie. It looks to cater the female audience more then male.

MacGruber-Sept 7-Yet another comedic Spoof movie. Though it didn’t look good enough to see in theaters I’m sure it will be a decent rent and maybe it will be on Netflix Instant Watch soon

Letters to Julliet-Sept 14-Again this is another movie that would attract the attention of the female audience.

Prince of Persia:The Sands of Time-Sept 14- Yet another video game movie that has been thrashed with bad reviews. This is another movie I plan on renting to see how it is for myself.

Robin Hood– Sept 21- What was suppose to be Gladiator 2 ended up turning into another movie about the one and only Robin Hood.

Get Him to the Greek-Sept 28-A summer comedy that kept getting great reviews from word of mouth. I for one am looking forward to watching this.

Iron Man 2-Sept 28- The Sequel to one of the best Comic book movie adaptations. Personally I enjoyed it and look forward to adding it to my collection


Kid Rock-Born Free-Sept 7

N.E.R.D.-Nothing- Sept 7

Linkin Park– A Thousand Suns- Sept 14

Weezer-Hurly- Sept 14

Maroon 5-Hand All Over- Sept 21

Ne-Yo-Libra Scale- Sept 21

Doobie Brothers-World Gone Crazy-Sept 28

Ice Cube-I Am the West- Sept 28

Jimmy Eat World-Invented- Sept 28

Video Games

Borderlands DLC-ClapTrap’s Robot Revolution– The release date isn’t clear,but it has been said to release in September. This will be the 4th dlc for the popular co-op shooter/RPG and is said to be the biggest yet.

Spider-Man:Shattered Dimensions-Sept 7- I know the latest Spider-man games haven’t been the best, but this one looks promising. I’m most excited about the story of it and how the 4 different spider-men will play out.

Cabela’s North American Adventure-Sep 7- I know you might think this is a joke. Its true that odds are you and I are not going to be interested in this game but apparently these games are selling well since they keep releasing them every year.

Halo Reach-Sept 14- Say what you want about Halo, fanboys, and whatever the facts remain that Halo is one of the most popular multi-player gaming franchise

Playstation Move-Sept 17- Again odds are not a lot of us “Hardcore” gamers will be picking this up, but this is a big release in the gaming industry. It will show whether or not motion control gaming will work on the “Hardcore” consoles.

Sid Meier’s Civilization V-Sept 21- Seems like this has been one of the highly anticipated PC game to come out this year. The series has a big following and a reputation for being a fun RTS.

Dead Rising 2– Sept 28- Zombies Zombies Zombies. Lots of people are tired of Zombies. Well I think they will make an exception for this game. Not much to say,but its a sequel to one of the best Zombie games of this console generation.

Plants Vs Zombies-Sept 28- This of course is the Xbox 360 version of the crack like addictive game from Popcap. I have already purchased this on PC and iPod Touch. This will make 3 different versions of the game I have purchased. Safe to say I am probably not alone.

Final Fantasy XIV– Sept 30- I personally am not too excited about this, but I know lots of people are looking forward to this MMO. This is just the PC version. If there is a free trial I will most likely give it a shot, but it is a popular franchise so had to mention it

Overall this month is going to be really good. There is a large variety of entertainment options for everyone. Good thing September is just around the corner.