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The GeeksFTW – Episode 275

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We have had some major technical issues. We had to move our entire site over to a new hosting company. That is the reason this episode is late. Everything is fine and next episode should be out on time!

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Back to the Futurama!


Futurama has been back as a seires for a few weeks now and so far it has been pretty good. I was worried as the movies, while having their moments, felt forced and never really went in the right directions. Here is a rundown of the latest episodes if you have missed them:

Rebirth: The gang gets reborn, but something is very wrong with Leela.

In-A-Gadda-Da-Leela: Leela and Zap Brannigan try to save Earth from a deadly sphere of death from space (that is in no way the Death Star). They find themselves stranded and alone….and in love?

Attack of the Killer App: Fry and the gang get eyephones and start posting on Twicher. Bender and Fry get into a bet on who can get the most followers, but the evil Mom seems to be behind the new social media. Also, a shocking secret about Leela gets revealed.

Proposition Infinity: Kif is sick of Amy’s constant flirting with “bad boys” and dumps her. While putting herself back out on the market for a guy Amy falls for Bender’s bad boy ways. When other members of society are shocked and angered by their “robosexuality”, Bender and Amy go about raising awareness of why their love should be allowed to thrive.

The DUH-Vinci Code: Professor Farnsworth leads the team on a misson to uncover the secret of the last invention of his hero Leonardo DaVinci. Fry struggles with the knowledge that not only does everyone think he is stupid…that he actually IS stupid. Following the clues the Planet Express crew uncovers a shocking secret about Leonardo.

The show has been nailing it so far. The only episode I have not liked was “In-A-Gadda-Da-Leela” as it just felt like a forced way to get Zap and Leela together for one episode. The other episodes are great with “Proposition Infinity” and “Attack of the Killer App” being quite strong. The best thing I can say about the new season is that it feels like the old show, whereas the movies did not.