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The Walking Dead Impressions

I am a Huge Zombie fan. I love watching Zombie movies. I have ended up watching some pretty bad movies because they were zombie related. So when I heard they were making a TV Series out of The Walking Dead comic I started getting interested. I didn’t follow all the news about it and avoided lots of spoiler type articles. Finally the first episode premiered last night on Halloween.

Personally I think the first half of the episode was really slow. I almost felt like turning it off because I just found it a bit boring. The second half ended up a lot better. Once there was zombie killing it got better. I enjoy the fact that AMC decided to go with a more bloody approach. That was one of my worries with a zombie show not on a Showtime or HBO channel. I’m curious to see how the show will progress. I wouldn’t say its going to be a great show from watching the first episode, but it ended up being enough to keep me interested in seeing how it turns out. Needless to say I will be watching it next week and so forth. I would recommend you watch this if you are a zombie fan. Now I just need to end up finishing the Comic Book series.