Gears of War 3 Getting a Multiplayer Beta Next Year

Like many, I was disappointed to hear that Gears of War 3 was being pushed back to Fall of next year. But not to fear, there’s a silver lining. Epic announced at their press event this week that their upcoming flagship title will have a public multiplayer beta next year. While no specific date was given, we at least know that it’s coming. Epic has stated that they always wanted to do a public beta, but never would’ve had time to implement any changes before the game launches. Now, with the launch date being pushed back with the game still being ready for the Spring launch, Epic will be able to do just that. I know that I’ll be playing a lot of this, whenever it comes around. Hit the source link for some videos of the new gruesome things that Gears of War 3’s multiplayer has to offer.

Sorce: Kotaku