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Episode 9- Reach for Tech News

In this episode we talk about a variety of topics. We start mainly on our impressions of the Halo: Reach beta. Then we touch on a variety of tech topics from the twitter bug to Bejeweled 2 being beaten after 3 years of playing it. These topics and many more.

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Go Go Dalek Rangers!

A few nights back I couldn’t sleep. So I put this together instead. The audio is a mixture of the Doctor Who Theme song and the original Power Rangers theme song. The video is clips I’ve put together from the episode “Victory of the Daleks”.  Let me know what you think. I haven’t edited anything in a long time. If enough people like this then I might start making more videos.

Deadliest Warrior

I write this review while finishing up my marathon of SPIKE TV’s Deadliest Warrior. As a Geek I have always thought about Ninja vs Pirate, Samurai Vs. Knight, and other variations. This show answers so many of those questions. Using Science they take two warriors and they measure how lethal each weapon can be as well as any defense the warrior might have. It is truly entertaining to watch these warrior’s weapons be tested. When the testing is done they input all the data in a computer program that gives results on who will win. The end of the show is a battle between the two warriors to reveal the winner. There are many shows that test out weapons, but this show is by far my favorite since it puts two warriors against each other. Some of my favorites were Pirate Vs Knight, Irish Republican Army(IRA) Vs Taliban, and SWAT vs. GSG 9. The show has recently started its 2nd season. Its on SPIKE TV frequently so DVR owners can truly catch up fairly quick. I would truly say this is a must watch show for any geek. I would strongly recommend this show. With that said I am truly looking forward to the XBLA game to come out. If you have already watched it before then leave a comment. I’d be curious to hear what you think.

What do you Think?

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Pax East Swag Bag Contest

In Honor of our New Site we are extending our contest.

Following the rules below are ways to get entered in our Contest for a Special bag from PAX EAST with a bunch of special surprises in them. The Prizes in the bag will remain a surprise.We might mention a few things on the show or twitter.
1)Leaving an iTunes review gets you 1 entry into the contest
2)Leave a comment or send an email with your show topic suggestion to for 1 entry
3)Send us proof(email us a link where we can see) of you spreading the GeeksFTW! name across other sites/forums you might participate in regularly(without spamming) for 1 entry.
4)Contest will Run till June 6th and we will pull one random entry(using to win our Big PAX EAST Swag Bag

Episode 8-Buffy Talk

This episode we are joined by Scarfinger to discuss Buffy the Vampire Slayer. We mainly discuss the Television show and touched on season 8 that is in comic book form.We try to start at season 1 and go in order but soon find out thats not possible. We talk about our favorite characters,episodes, and moments in the show.

Episode 7-This is Us

On this episode we take the time to share a little about ourselves individually. We talk about who we are in real life as well as our interests. This is truly a “Get to Know your Host” show. We hope this helps you learn what type of people we are and our personalities.

Episode 6.5-C2E2

On a Special episode we discuss some of the announcements that were made at the Chicago Comic Entertainment Expo(C2E2) with Matt aka Patriot1030 from OpenForumRadio who attended the convention. We discuss all kinds of geeky announcements.

Episode 6-Fantastic Geeks

Yet another episode with another guest from OpenForumRadio. This week we are joined by Lary aka BlueManRule to talk about the Fantastic Four and What is a geek?

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Episode 5-True(Geek)Blood

In this episode we are joined by two very special guest to talk about True Blood. We are joined by Jason aka GolfRat from TalkingAboutGames and Anthony aka TinPanAlley from OpenForumRadio. We talk about the first 2 seasons as well as Anthony about the differences from the show and the books.

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