“Robot” (aka Bollywood Terminator) is worth the watch


Dancing Cylons.

That’s apparently all you have to say to get people interested in watching a clip from the Bollywood film “Robot”.  

There’s no good way I’ve found to describe the movie other than calling it a Bollywood crossover between I, Robot and Terminator. The movie itself is nearly 3 hours long and, as you would expect in a Bollywood film, has about 8 song & dance sequences. Heck, the fight scene that is the climax of the movie seems to go on for ages but only actually lasts about 30-45 minutes. In all honesty I think I made it through the entire movie only thanks to a large bottle of rum, the company of friends and a morbid curiosity to see how it would all end.

To give the movie credit, it’s really not a bad movie at all (though definitely not one for folks with short attention spans). Much to my dismay I actually ended up with a couple of the songs stuck in my head and had to download the soundtrack from iTunes just to be able to listen to them. The plot is definitely thought out and pulls inspiration from many sources. While some of the dance sequences made little sense (okay, most of them made little sense), they were entertaining. My favorite is the one I mentioned earlier. It takes place about halfway through the movie (though it’s the first track on the soundtrack) and features the main robot character, Chitti, realizing that he’s falling in love.

Complete with what look like cylons dancing around him.

I’m totally not kidding. Check it out:


See? Dancing cylons. With catchy music.

I’m not sure I could manage to watch the whole movie on my own. I definitely suggest having some friends over when/if you do decide to give it a try. Trust me, the running commentary that you’ll inevitably provide will make the whole experience worth it. After you’ve recovered, let me know what you think.