Droid X vs Droid 2?

The past few months I’ve been looking for a new phone. But it wasn’t until the release of the iPhone 4 that I decided to get a smart phone. Since I’ve never anything other than a Verizon phone I settled on getting a Droid. The only problem was which one should I get?

At the time the Droid X was just released, and it looked beautiful with it’s 4.3 inch screen and it’s 8 megapixal camera with dual flash. The only problem was for me was that it didn’t have a keyboard. It was all touch screen. I have a touch screen phone now but it sucks, so that has turned me off on touch screen phone. Granted it may just be my phone that sucks. The other problem I have with it is the size. Yes I know that was a good thing just a few sentences ago but I carry my phone in my pocket, so I’d feel like I’d snap the phone in half when I squatted down.

My only other choice for a newer model phone is to wait for the Droid 2 to come out next week. The Droid 2 only has a 5mpx camera, but I don’t use my very often so I really don’t care about that too much. The Droid 2 looks a lot like the Droid one with a bit of a face lift. The lip at the bottom is now a smooth curve. The gold useless directional pad is gone. And that’s all the major physical changes to from the Droid. The Droid 2 is coming with Android 2.2 (Froyo) out of the box which is the first android phone to come with Froyo.

I’m most likely going to get the Droid 2 and I’ll have a review on it once I get my hands on it for a while, so look for that in the future.