What’s not to love about zombie sheep?

Black Sheep

photo via Amazon.com

Sometimes you run across the most awesome things completely by accident. That’s how I ended up watching “Black Sheep”, a New Zealand horror-comedy a few years ago.

It’s hard to describe the movie other than with the phrase “mutant zombie sheep” but think of Evil Dead 2…only with sheep. Yep, it’s that hilarious.

The story starts out with two young boys on farm in New Zealand. One of them is out herding the sheep with his father. The old brother gets jealous and plays a horrible prank on the younger boy when he returns. The combination of that and some devastating news at the same time gives the younger brother a severe phobia of sheep. It then picks up 15 years later when the younger brother, Henry, is returning to the farm to sell his part of it to his older brother, Angus. Angus has become known for his work to breed a new type of sheep that will outshine the others. While this is going on, a pair of folks (who are very hippie-ish) are trying to break into Angus’ lab to steal evidence of what they believe to be dangerous and extremely harmful experiments.

Without giving too much away let me just state that the first time someone is infected by a zombie sheep you might start off with “Ewwwwww” but I promise it will almost immediately change into hysterical laughter. There are many gross moments in the movie but they are almost always so over the top that you’ll be laughing even as you are thinking that it’s pretty darn disgusting.

Unless you have a strong stomach I’d probably avoid eating things like pizza while watching this movie.

But if you love horror/comedy, movies made in New Zealand, zombies, or dislike sheep in general, this might be something to look into. Don’t worry about watching it alone at night. You’ll only be laughing. Unless you live on a farm or near sheep. In that case I might suggest watching it in the company of friends. I’m happy to say that when I showed this to a group of friends earlier this week they loved it and we’ve been making bad sheep jokes and puns ever since.

If you do decide to give it a try, let me know what you think!