US and UK Deals of the Week

I was struggling to find some good deals this week until I ventured to my local GAME and then got a tweet from Henry Knox (also a writer for GeeksFTW and a good one at that).

This weeks US and UK deals of the week are…

Mass Effect 2 Xbox 360
Price: £5.00 (Actually between £4.90 and £5)
Where? In store at GAME.

It took an incredible amount of self control for me to not just buy this straight away. I didn’t because I have already played it and would rather wait for the PS3 version but my gosh this is a wonderful price that you should snap up quick as the sale will most likely be over within a week or so.

Xbox Live Gold 12 Months (US Only)
Price: $44.99 with free Snoopy Flying Ace Game
Where? Xbox 360 dashboard offer

It’s January so you’re probably looking for a new year subscription to Xbox Live, right? It wasn’t Microsofts best move, for us, to put the price up but using this offer you get $15 off and a great game for free. That’s fair, I guess.

If you have any offers that you think deserve a spot as Deal of the week then message me on twitter @360cookie or right here on GeeksFTW. Thanks again to Henry Knox for the Xbox Live Deal.