“The Dark Tower” on the Silver Screen – A Geek Girl’s Opinion

The Dark Tower

photo via obsessedwithfilm.com

So…I’m listening to Stephen King’s Dark Tower series on audiobook and remembering all the things I love about the series. I’ve read the books countless times but until recently I only had the audiobook for “The Drawing of Three”. Now I’ve managed to get all of them and I’m currently listening to “The Wastelands”. Well…I’m listening when I’m on break or at lunch. Still, it’s good even in 10 minute doses and makes for perfect listening material while knitting Jayne Hats.

As much as I love the series I have to admit that I’m terribly worried about seeing it in a visual format. I mean, they’re talking about making a miniseries and movie out of the books and while I think it could definitely be interesting, I’m worried that they won’t be able to do it justice. The books are so complex and rich that I don’t think you can convey that all on a screen. My other huge concern is the actors that they’ll get to be in the movie.

If I had my way I’d want every single actor to be a complete unknown. Yeah, that would be preferable. However that’s also extremely unlikely. So I’ve been following the news of who they are considering and asking to play the part of Roland. I mean, no one will measure up to the Clint Eastwood look that the character is based on except the man himself. Too bad he’s not a bit younger.  Still, they’ve asked the guy who played the rather creepy bad guy, Chigurh, (Javier Bardem) in “No Country For Old Men” to be Roland.

*facepalm* That’s like asking Antonio Banderas to be the Phantom of the Opera, IMHO.

Yes, he was a very good and creepy bad guy, even with that ridiculous haircut. Still, I can’t see him as Roland, no matter how many pictures of him out of that haircut that I find. I also can’t hear him as Roland. Definitely not. The other name that was being tossed around was Viggo Mortensen and I have to admit, if I can’t have an unknown actor playing Roland and I can’t have Clint Eastwood, Viggo would be my choice. He’s got the right look and sound to his voice.

I haven’t heard any other names seriously mentioned for the other roles but I’m scared. They really have to choose the right folks for each part or they’ll piss off a horde of fans. Course, you guys might be of a different opinion on the whole Roland issue. Are you? Or do you really think that the creepy dude from “No Country for Old Men” can pull it off?