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Geek Video: Breaking Bad Theme Played on Lab Equipment

The Breaking Bad theme played on Lab Equipment sounds really good actually. Better than the one on the show if you ask me.

Geek Video – What Geek Culture Needs To Strive For

This should be the manifest for Geek Culture.

Geek Video: Grayson: Earth One

Grayson: Earth One is an alternate look at Nightwing. It’s a bit like what Arrow is doing with the Green Arrow story. Richard isn’t a circus performer, he’s a musician, and he’s not Bruce Wayne’s ward. He doesn’t even know who Batman is. There are also a couple familiar characters; Carrie Kelly, Barbara Gordon, Freeze, and Batman. It’s a different look at the character. One the season premiere is up but there is an indiegogo page to get funding for more episodes. It’s worth checking out.

Also here’s some cool looking posters for this web series

download (6)download (5)download (4)download (3)download (2)

Geek Video: Oculus Rift Gets Grandma’s Approval

This 90 year old grandma tries out the Oculus Rift.

Geek Video: Apple Something

This video makes me somewhat thirsty. If you just listen to the audio you’ll think their talking about a different Apple.

My favorite line in this is the “into face” line.

Geek Video: Doctor Who/Back to the Future Mash-up

This Geek Video is a mash-up of Doctor Who and Back to the Future. With The Doctor playing the part as Doc Brown, Rory as Marty, Amy as Jennifer, and River as Clara Clayton. There’s some special appearances by a Jadoon, a Weeping Angel, and a Tree Person (from the Doctor the Widow and the Wardrobe Special, I couldn’t remember their names). Enjoy.

Have a safe and wonderful New Year.

Geek Video: Facial Mapping Might Be Sooner Than You Think

Imagine you are playing Call of Duty and you keep getting knifed in the back by a 12 year old. Now what if your Kinect could replicate your anger on your characters face in game. That’s what this software does. enjoy the video.

The next step is actually putting your face in the game. How weird would that be?

source: Gizmodo