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Anime Review: When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace


Score: 7.0

Genre:Supernatural, Harem, Comedy

Version: Subbed

Episodes: 12

Where I watched it: Crunchyroll

Chifuyu using stuffed animal to talk while mad at Andou

Chifuyu using stuffed animal to talk while mad at Andou

Synopsis: One normal day, the literature club and the niece of their adviser received supernatural powers. First off you got Sayumi Takanashi with the power of “Root of Origin” which is she can repair and heal anything. Then you have sweet Hatoko Kushikawa with the superpower of “Over Element” or the control of all four elements (air, earth, water, fire) as well as light. Next there’s the aforementioned niece of the adviser Chifuyu Himeki with the “World Create” ability; she can create anything. Next up is Tomoyo Kanzaki’s power of “Closed Clock” is controlling time; only slowing, stopping, and speeding up though, no reversing it. And finally we have the only boy of the group Jurai Andou with the power of “Dark and Dark” which is the ability to produce a, lukewarm, black flame. Andou is what is known as a chuunibyou which is a Japanese slang term which roughly translates to “Middle School 2nd Year Syndrome”. People with chuunibyou either act like a know-it-all adult and look down on real ones, or believe they have special powers unlike others. – Urban Dictionary. He was a chuuni before and after he got superpowers which lead him into these rants that just caused the others to stare at him like an idiot or ignore him completely. He’s also the one to name everyone’s powers.

Which most animes once a character(s) get powers there is then an adversary to fight. While yes there is a enemy to fight they never present themselves to the “Virgin Children”. “Virgin Children” is the name of Andou’s group who know nothing of the Fairy War. The name is given to them by Tomoyo’s older brother who is also a chuunibyou and also has powers, which they don’t know about, and knows everything that is going on. Including why they have powers and who gave it to them, but he keeps them all in the dark.

Because the main cast of characters don’t have anyone to fight most of the anime is just a slice of life, only have occasionally use superpowers.

I would have loved to see her in more than just one episode

I would have loved to see her in more than just one episode

My Thoughts (Spoilers): I thoroughly enjoyed this anime. It was funny and a little bit informative, for instance I learned what a chuunibyou is and realized I went to school with one. I did found it a little bit annoying that none of the girls knew they were in love with Andou until the end, well exempt for Hatoko who knew she was in love all along. I mean I knew in episode two when he gave the student council president, Mirei Kudo, a letter calling her power of stealing other people’s powers “Grateful Robber” which she misread as “Grateful Lover” and thought it was a love letter. When all the girls gave him the silence treatment I knew right then that they all liked Andou.

Originally I had this show at a 9.0 but after episode 8 and you find out all about the Fairy War and F. We meet some interesting characters in this episode and we never see them again. I would have really liked to see more of them. It was almost like this was an episode from another anime all together. In fact I had to stop and check to make sure I wasn’t watching the wrong show. This came right after Hatoko was kidnapped and I thought that the show was going to turn and we were going to see some super battles. Nope. Sayumi does an Ass Pull and can “bring the literature club back to it’s original state” meaning she can use “Root of Origin” to Hatoko, who for all they know has just run away and is missing, to them. They didn’t even know she was kidnapped, so they have no reason to think there’s an enemy out there. Which means they are shocked during the last episode, after all the girls had their one on one dates with Andou, when a possessed Mirei shows up to attack the literature club. Here I thought finally a battle.

Dark and Dark

Dark and Dark

Again, nope. Possessed Mirei used two attacks before she stole Andou’s second level power “Dark and Dark of the End” which is Andou’s black flame only it’s now hot and also burns the user and can’t be put out by anyone. Now comes the talking. Andou convinces the possessor to leave Mirei before finding out who she works for or their goal. So that just leaves Andou and an unpossessed Mirei to now burn until the rest of the “Virgin Children” show up and use Chifuyu to create a guillotine to chop off their hands and Sayumi to restore their hands. A bit brutal. And that’s how the show ends with none of them knowing anything. You can see where I had an issue with the show by now.

If this show gets a second season and the characters find out what is going on my score may go up. As of now since the anime covered all 9 novels that have been released so far I don’t know if that will happen, but since apparently the ending was unique to the anime it may take it’s own path. Cause you know that’s gone over so well in the past *cough* Full Metal Alchemist *cough* Rosario + Vampire. We’ll see.


Anime Review: My Mental Choices are Interfering with my School Romance Comedy


 Score: 8.0


Genre: Ecchi, Harem, Comedy
Version: Subbed
Episodes: 10
Where I watched it: Crunchyroll

Open up a dirty magazine, found in a park, and inhale or eat a page. Decisions, decisions.

Open up a dirty magazine, found in a park, and inhale or eat a page. Decisions, decisions.

Synopsis: My Mental Choices are Interfering with my School Romance Comedy is about a high school student, named Kanade Amakusa, who has an interesting problem. Every so often a voice in his head gives him a multiple choice task that he has to perform or risk major headaches. These tasks could be anything, from “take off your shirt and oink like a pig while on all fours,” to “a beautiful girl will fall from the sky”. Even if these choices alter reality like turning Kanade into a female or into a drain that will never clog. Usually the choices that he has to choose from are all bad and he just has to better the lesser evil. So when given the option to either flirt with his unattractive neighbor or have a beautiful girl fall from the sky he goes with the obvious and a girl fall from the sky on top of him. She is an angel, sent by God to help him get rid of his Absolute Choice curse. The only problem is that’s all she can remember. Now he’s getting “missions” sent to his phone and once all of these missions are complete the curse will be removed. So now Kanade and Chocolat (the girl who fell from the sky) try to complete the missions which are just as strange as the Absolute Choices themselves.

My Thoughts (Spoilers): This is a pretty QpjviMH good comedy anime. This was also my first simulcast anime to finish. It was definitely a different experience to watch one episode a week instead of the whole series at once.

Some of my favorite scenes where at the end when we saw what would have happened if he picked one of the other choices, like the being turned into a female or being turned into a drain. I thought the females around him were all great. Furano the tsundere of the group, and whenever she talks to herself she sounds a lot sweeter. Ouka is the lovable goofball. Chocolat has the loyalty of a dog and her cowlick even wags like a dog when presented with food. One of my favorite episodes of the series was the episode that Chocolat got her memory back. She was a completely different person and very forward toward Kanade.

There were a couple times where this show was borderline henati. One example that comes to mind is the pool episode where Yuragi and Ayame were having a battle, Yuragi with her Onee legion and Ayame with her “gimps” (I’m calling them that because that’s how they were dressed). Yuragi then pinned Ayame to the ground and processed to titty fuck her with a water pistol. Yes you read that right. Titty fuck with a water pistol. You can’t get much more borderline than that, while still being able to be shown on Japanese TV and still be *PG-13. There are panty shot but since simulcasts show exactly what was shown on Japanese TV they are whited out. (*according to myanimelist.net)


Having the “hotties” of the school like him, pretty much backfired.

This is one harem anime where a front runner isn’t quite present. For example in Ahh My Goddess the front runner was clearly Belldandy or in Rosario + Vampire it was Moka. They were the ones that you knew the main character would chose in the end. But in this show {Warning Final Episode Spoiler} Kanade is given a Absolute Choice to confess his love to either Chocolat, Furano, or Ouka. And he can’t chose.

I would watch more of this anime because I thought this was a funny show and it is hard to do funny like that and make it cross language barriers. There were a couple of occasions where I had to pause because I was laughing too hard to read the screen. The story did seem to take a bit too long to get through though. Spending 3 episodes to complete one mission was a bit too much, especially considering this anime is only 10 episodes long. I do hope there is a season two.

I would recommend this anime to anyone who doesn’t mind Ecchi Harems. As well to someone who doesn’t mind read subtitles.

Anime Review: Danganronpa: The Animation


Score: 8.5

Genre: Mystery, Thriller
Version: Subbed
Episodes: 13
Where I watched it: Funimation


So much pink….pink,…pink…it’s everywhere!

SynopsisDanganronpa: The Animation is based off the game Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc. Makoto Naegi was accepted to a prestigious high school, Hope’s Peak Private Academy. It is a school who only accepts Super-High-Level students in all fields. Naegi was selected out of a lottery of “normal” students, meaning he is the Super-High-Level-Lucky student. But as soon as he takes his first step onto the school grounds he passes out and awakens inside. He finds that all the windows are covered with iron plates and a huge vault-like door blocking the way outside. He meets up with 14 other students who know just about as much as he does.

They are greeted by their witty, maniacal, and teddy bear-like principal Monokuma. He informs them that the only way to graduate and leave the school is to secretly murder the fellow students. After a murder there is then a class trial and if the murder is discovered and found guilty then they are executed but if the murderer gets away with it and the wrong person is accused then everyone but the murderer is executed.

To show that she's crazy. She sticks her tongue out because it's anime and that's what they do.

To show that she’s crazy. She sticks her tongue out because it’s anime and that’s what they do.

My Thoughts (spoilers): I’ve’ve been looking for a good murder mystery anime for a while now. I know there’s Case Closed (Detective Conan is you prefer) but I wanted something else. Don’t get me wrong I like Case Closed; I’ve seen quite a few episodes. Anyway this was what I was looking for and I enjoyed it.

Going into it wasn’t sure I was going to like it but after episode 3, which is after the first murder and first trial I knew I was going to like it. I liked that fact that one episode was dedicated to story then the murder happens and the next episode is the trial. What I did not like was the little time dedicated to them investigating the murder and collecting clues and evidence. After the first murder and trial it there was only 20-30 of investigation then boom trial. So the audience never got the chance to come up with our own hypothesis about the murderer’s identity. Well I guess you have to play the game to really experience that.

I really liked the murderer execution scenes. That sounds creepy, I know, but the art style was pretty cool. It goes into this flat paper like art style. And each execution was suited the one getting executed. For example the Super-High-Level-Baseballer was pelted with baseballs from a pitching machine.  Also the blood in this show wasn’t red; it was like a hot pink. I guess to get lower TV rating or maybe it was hot pink in the game too, I don’t know.

I really liked the art-style during these death scenes.

I really liked the art-style during these death scenes.

The ending didn’t make much sense to me. Well not the ending but how remaining students deduced who the mastermind was. Their explanation on how Naegi figured it was kind of weak and seemed like a bit of a leap. And how the mastermind became the mastermind made no sense whatsoever and they says it two or three times.

This anime wasn’t too short and it wasn’t too long it was right where it needed to be. Now that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like to see more, because I would. Having never playing or even seen the games I’m going to assume that Danganronpa 2 is a new cast of characters minus Monokuma which is what I would like to see. There was a bit of a teaser after the credits of the last episode of a female Monokuma poking her head out and saying “I would love to meet you” kind of thing. I give this anime a 8.5.

Anime Review: Deadman Wonderland


Score: 8.0

Genre: Action, Thriller, Supernatural
Version: Dubbed
Episodes: 12 + OVA
Where I watched it: Funimation


Anime+Logic.+OC+from+Deadman+Wonderland+link+to+episode+youtube.com+watch+v+iqVdev8laYE_15e8d7_3832234Synopsis: Ganta Igarashi was just sitting in class, when a mysterious cloak figure crashes through the 3rd floor window, into his classroom and brutally slaughters his entire class. Just before the attacker left, it shot a blood red crystal bullet into Ganta’s chest. Naturally, as the only survivor and witness he was convicted of the massacre and sent to Deadman Wonderland. Sounds like a theme park of horrors doesn’t it. Well it kind of is, but not for inmates. The inmates work the theme park as the attraction in a gladiatorial like events.

Soon after arriving at the prison Ganta meets a odd girl who seems to know him, named Shiro.Despite her happy-go lucky demeanor, she has the fighting skills of a ninja. She plans to protect Ganta. But Ganta discovers that he now has the power to use his own blood as a weapon. He soon finds out that others have the same power, but each person’s weapon is different. One person’s could be a sword, a projectile, a whip, plus many more. These weapons are called Branches of Sin.

The OVA is the backstory of one of the secondary characters, Crow. It takes place after the Red Hole incident . Which means that some people have Branches of Sin. Crow was a cop before getting locked up. But after meeting someone else with a Branch of Sin his life turns rotten.

Those eyes.....those eyes

Those eyes…..those eyes

My Thoughts (spoilers): I found Deadman Wonderland quite enjoyable. I just wish there were more episodes. The story really felt too short. Now the story didn’t feel rushed, in fact I thought that it dragged a little right before the end. I wish they would have spent more time in certain areas. For instance, we only saw the Dog Race I would have loved to see more games of death that the general public cheering for as inmates die; while thinking that it’s all fake. I would have also liked to see more Carnival Corpse and see more Branches of Sin. And more Hummingbird please; this is my personal opinion but I love insane, bloodthirsty characters in anime. Plus I felt like there could have been more character development from her and her brother.

I also was disappointed that we didn’t get any on who or what Shiro was. She wasn’t human, I don’t think, that or she was a created in a test tube. They only revealed her split personality once and what was that at the end with the Ganta “power transfer?” (That’s what I’m calling whatever it was.) He was all glowy and shit and so was Shiro, why? Maybe it’s answered in the manga. In the end I didn’t end up liking Ganta all that much. He still felt useless and boring. It was everyone around him that was interesting.

My face was the same at the end, Ganta.

My face was the same at the end, Ganta.

I couldn’t help but compare this anime to Future Diary. In both shows the main character are weak and not one to take charge. They are unwillingly thrown into a live or death situation and are unable to protect themselves. The only persons able to protect them are their female friends (girlfriend in the case of Yuno Gasai in Future Diary). Also both animes are quite gory and caulked full of blood. So if you like Future Diary you’ll most likely like Deadman Wonderland.

Now for the OVA. I didn’t really like the OVA at all. I felt like it was a waste. Because since I felt like the show was lacking the number of episodes department, I felt like the time spent on this could have been used better. Plus the OVA itself was subpar compared the rest of the show.

Overall I did enjoy the anime even with it’s major flaws. And would recommend to anyone who likes the hacky, slashy, gory, psychotic animes; like me. I give this one a 8.0.

Anime Review: Valvrave the Liberator (Season 1)


Score: 8.5

Genre: Mecha, Science Fiction, Action
Version: Subbed
Episodes: 12
Where I watched it: Crunchyroll


Haruto vamping out and attacking L-elf

Synopsis: Valvrave the Liberator is a futuristic, giant robot, body-swapping vampire in space anime. The human race is divided among two superpower countries, ARUS and Dorssia, and a smaller neutral country JIOR. The protagonists of the story are from JIOR. They live on a Dyson sphere. During an attack by the Dorssians, Haruto Tokishima finds a mech and using it to fight off the invaders. In order to use the mech he has to “resign his humanity”; thus becoming immortal and able to possess other people by biting them. After the battle the students of Module 77 discover that both ARUS and Dorssia wish Valvrave for themselves so the students detach themselves from the rest of the Dyson sphere and declare them independent.

Media: This is a one of those cases where the anime came out first. The anime aired in April of 2013 and is ongoing, season two just started. A one-shot manga of the series was released in July as well as a light novel serial. A serialized manga of the backstory of the character Saki Ruckino started in August.


Valvrave I’s AI? Not really sure what she is just yet

My Thoughts (minor spoilers): as someone who kind of likes those animes where a high school student saves the day with a giant robot (i.e. Linebarrels of Iron, Full Metal Panic, Evangelion, …you get the idea) I liked this one. The love interest part in this was a little different. Normally it’s the two that hate each other through most of the series but in this one they already like one another and it’s the “death” of Shōko Sashinami that throws Haruto into a bit of a rage and vows to kill every Dorssian. Bit different but still some of the same. I was really surprised on who got in the Purple Valvrave in the last episode. I’m not going to say who but it was a person who never even crossed my mind to get in a Valvrave. I am really glad that there is a second season because that was not one of those anime endings where you might think they could just leave it there. No this was a cliff hanger ending. I will defiantly watch the second season as soon as it becomes available for free members of Crunchyroll.

Anime Review: The Devil is a Part Timer


Score: 7.5

Genre: Comedy, Fantasy
Version: Subbed
Episodes: 13
Where I watched it: Funimation


Synopsis: The Devil (Satan/ Maou Sadao) and his army are defeated after trying to take over Ente Isla. He and one of his generals (Alciel/ Ashiya Shriō) escape through an interdimensional “Gate”. Instead of landing at their intended dimension they landed on Earth in modern times, and left with barely any magic energy left. Now in order to survive they tumblr_mm8fyc0mTe1s3k7jno1_500must make a living for themselves and that includes getting jobs. Where else would a person get a job with no work experience? Why at McDonald’s of course, well in this case MgRonald’s. Maou and Ashiya soon find out that one of the Heroes (Emilia Justina/ Yusa Emi) that defeated them followed them through the Gate as well. Yusa is all ready to kill Maō but she realizes that he’s not doing anything evil and is actual a nice guy who helps out his fellow coworkers. Soon they are joined by other people from Ente Isla, who are bent on destroying Satan no matter who gets in the way.

: The Devil is a Part-Timer, or Hataraku Maou-sama! in Japan, started as a light novel series written by Satoshi Wagahara. The series started releasing in February 2011 and is still ongoing with 8 novels so far. A year later ASCII started publishing a manga version as well. The anime ran from April 4, 2013 to June 27, 2013. There was also a spin-off manga as well called Hataraku Maou-sama!Hai Sukūru! (High School). From what little information I could find online it seems like it’s the same story only their in high school. he’s not doing anything evil and is actual a nice guy who helps out his fellow coworkers. Soon they are joined by other people from Ente Isla, who  are bent on destroying Satan no matter who gets in the way.

My Thoughts (minor spoilers): The Devil is a Part Timer is a fun short comedy with two fights thrown in. I liked the minor romance story arc that was there and the fact that most people thought that Emi and Maou were a couple, when in fact if there was a couple in this anime it would have been Chiho and Maou. But he didn’t seem too interested in Chiho beyond that she was a co-worker at MgRonald’s. I did also like the fake company names that were a clear reference to a real company; MgRonald’s is McDonald’s, Sentuky Fried Chicken is Kentucky Fried Chicken, and Jungle.jp is Amazon.jp.


Lucifer vs Satan. Yes they are two different people.

The only thing that I was confused about was that in Ente Isla, Satan was supposedly this bad guy, but when he came to Earth he was a nice guy. We don’t know if there was a difference in his behavior or not. Maou and Ashiya’s landlady was also a bit of mystery as well. She seemed to know who they were but it was never explained how she knew. In fact she goes on a trip to Hawaii early on in the series and never came back. I could have done without Ashiya being sick in most of the episodes. It made me feel like he was a useless character that took up room and food in their one room apartment. And he didn’t have a job save for one episode so he really was a useless character that did not need to be there.

I kind of did like the fact that almost each episode was self-contained. The problem with that is that it felt like the story could have just kept going. There was no big finale, the last episode felt no different than the rest. The anime just ends. If there was more of an ending, a sense of conclusion, then my score could have been higher, maybe a 8.0 or 8.5. As you can tell from my score that it isn’t the best anime but it’s not bad, it’s just entertainment