More Dark Tower casting rumors!

Dark Tower

The Dark Tower

As a huge Dark Tower fan you guys know that I’m constantly listening for rumors and such of casting for the new miniseries/movie. The whole Javier Bardem as Roland thing still rubs me the wrong way (as that’s the only confirmed casting that I can find at the moment) but I’ll try to reserve my final judgment until I actually see his performance. For all we know he might be brilliant in the role.

But today I caught a whiff of another casting rumor from a friend on twitter. The source is IMDB which can be unreliable but it did make me cross my fingers in hope.

Michael Biehn as the Man in Black.

For those of you who might not know that name right off the bat, think Kyle Reese (John Connor’s father) from the first Terminator movie and Johnny Ringo from Tombstone. It’s the latter role that makes think he might be a completely wonderful Man in Black/Walter/Marten.

See that casting on IMDB led me to another one that also has me jumping for joy if it turns out to be true: Norman Reedus as Eddie Dean. I’ve been struggling for months with who I thought might make a good Eddie and I’ve always come up empty handed. I’m not sure why that particular role always gave me trouble when trying to match it to an actor but it has. Once I saw Norman Reedus listed in the cast list I had to finally admit that there was someone who would probably make an excellent Eddie.

Again, I can’t find any articles or such about these casting possibilities other than their listing on IMDB so they’re just rumors…but ones that make me think that this adaptation might not be too terrible after all.

What do you think of these new casting rumors? Are you still as irritated as I am about their choice for Roland?