Green Lantern: Emerald Knights(short review)

The Green Lantern movie is quickly approaching. Recently there has been a Green Lantern Animated movie to go along with the Green Lantern Craze. The movie is entitled Green Lantern:Emerald Knights. Geeks might be excited to know(if they didn’t already) that ┬áNathan Fillion voices Hal Jordan. If your reading this then you are probably interested in hearing more about the quality of the movie. And no spoilers will be given so no need to fear.

This animated movie looks incredible. ┬áThis is one of DC’s fines animated movies by far. This is truly a pleasure for the eyes, but what is the story like? The story is pretty interesting. Hal Jordan has a recruit. A problem occurs that requires the entire Green Lantern Corps. Throughout fixing the problem Hal tells his young recruit tales of other Green Lanterns. This is where flashbacks would occur and even though you might want to see stories of Hal Jordan the other Green Lantern’s stories are very entertaining. It also would help new people understand more of the Green Lanterns back story as well as why and how the Green Lanterns were created.

I would highly recommend you get your hands on this movie if you are even remotely interested. It is a great stand alone movie, and it is even better way to get hyped for the Upcoming Green Lantern movie that will release in theaters next week. This review didn’t say too much, because no one likes spoilers. If my review hasn’t helped then check out the trailer below.