Could Steam be finally coming to the Xbox?

It has been a dream of the online gaming community to play together no matter what video game system you play which it be Xbox 360, PC, Mac, or even PS3. Steam has been trying to convince the console manufacturers to make that possible. Portal 2 allowed PC players to play with PS3 players, and Shadow Run allowed Xbox 360 players to battle against PC players. Will we ever be able to finally fight this 3 way battle that has been years in the making?

Some eagle-eyed Internet people have noticed that when you submit a support ticket through, you are able to ask for Xbox Support. Hopefully this means we can play Counter Strike: Global Offensive Xbox vs. PS3. Then we can finally put this whole bicker battle behind us and come to the realization that the Xbox is the better console. What? Who said that? Oh and mouse and keyboard players can rub it in the controller players’ faces that they can turn around faster than they can.


Steam or Microsoft has yet to announce whether Xbox 360 is actually joining the Steam Works party or this is just an Internet prank. Either way we can keep on dreaming of Xbox vs. PS3 in combat for superiority.