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Geek Video: Trails Craft

I am always astounded at what people can create in Redlynx’s Trials games. I’ve seen everything from pinball to a remake of the Atari 2600 Tanks but this one; once I say this one my jaw was on the floor the entire time. It’s called TrailCraft. Yes that is Minecraft recreated in Minecraft. Complete with random world seed generator. I mean serious people, it’s a motorcycle balancing game and you someHOW MAKE MINECRAFT IN IT!? PneumaticBog484, you are a mad mad genious.

Geek Video: The Real Life Peter Griffin

At the Allentown Comic Con a cos-player was there and he was more than just cosplaying as Peter Griffin he was as an impersonator both of voice and looks of him too. And he was damn funny. Well he made me laugh. Check it out

What If Japan Came Up With Doctor Who Before The BBC Did?

What if Doctor Who was a Hensen Hero? What would that look like? I know this has been the burn question in geeks for the last 50 years. Here’s your answer.

Geek Video: Terminator 2 Truck Chase Scene Recreated in GTAV

It’s been awhile since we’ve done a geek video. Here’s one that I found. A group of people recreated the amazing truck chase scene from Terminator 2 in Grand Theft Auto V. It’s a pretty detailed recreation too.

Geek Video: Breaking Dead or Walking Bad?

I am not a fan of Walking Dead but I do like me some Breaking Bad and this mash-up is so good, that it’s a eerie how well it works out.

Geek Video: Breaking Bad Theme Played on Lab Equipment

The Breaking Bad theme played on Lab Equipment sounds really good actually. Better than the one on the show if you ask me.

Geek Video – What Geek Culture Needs To Strive For

This should be the manifest for Geek Culture.

Geek Video: Warwick Davis and Carrie Fisher Re-enact Star Wars Scene

This makes me happy.

Geek Video: Grayson: Earth One

Grayson: Earth One is an alternate look at Nightwing. It’s a bit like what Arrow is doing with the Green Arrow story. Richard isn’t a circus performer, he’s a musician, and he’s not Bruce Wayne’s ward. He doesn’t even know who Batman is. There are also a couple familiar characters; Carrie Kelly, Barbara Gordon, Freeze, and Batman. It’s a different look at the character. One the season premiere is up but there is an indiegogo page to get funding for more episodes. It’s worth checking out.

Also here’s some cool looking posters for this web series

download (6)download (5)download (4)download (3)download (2)

Geek Video: PSA From The Empire To Warn You About May the 4th

The Empire would like to save you from becoming traitors and rebel scum. Don’t Not Celebrate May the 4th, or there will be a Revenge of the 5th.