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Remember Me: Episode 7: Down With Madame

Remember Me Feature 7

Stuart takes on the head of La Bastille

Remember Me: Episode 6: Up From Below

Remember Me Feature 6

Stuart re-enters La Bastille

Remember Me: Episode 5: Is Johnny’s Teeth Green

Remember Me Feature 5

Stuart goes into the sewers to find Johnny Greenteeth

Remember Me: Episode 4: Its X-mas Time

Remember Me Feature 4

Stuart takes on Kid X-mas.

Remember Me: Episode 3: A Bad Request

Remember Me Feature 3

Stuart finds Edge’s contact and Nilin’s biggest fan.

Remember Me: Episode 2: Leaking Brain

Remember Me Feature 2

Stuart finds the Leaking Brain Bar.

Remember Me: Episode 1: Memory Wipe

Remember Me Feature 1

Stuart starts a new Let’s Play series. This time it’s Dontnod’s Remember Me.

Murdered Soul Suspect: Episode 13: It Was You (Finale!!)

MSS Ep13 Featured

Stuart figures out who killed him.

Murdered Soul Suspect: Episode 12: Is Nothing Sacred to This Guy

MSS Ep12 Featured

Stuart investigates the Bell Killers latest murder.

Murdered Soul Suspect: Episode 11: Restoring the Search

MSS Ep11 Featured

Stuart finishes up his investigation at the Salem Museum.