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Episode 18-Rise from the Grave

Honestly we had the site and podcast was dead, but we have risen from the grave and are back for a short episode. I explain our situation, why we haven’t been active, and a little future plans. I also talk about the Movies,Games, and Television I am looking forward to as well as a few things I’ve been doing lately. Sit back for another episode and remember to leave feedback at or follow us on twitter TheGeeksFTW.

Episode 17-DJ in the House

We are back for another episode where we cover a variety of topics. We are joined by one of our writers Dark_DJ to discuss some Comic-Con news,Video game news Tech News, Movies, and Television. Then we get in a discussion on StarCraft 2. If you want to subscribe then click here for iTunes and click here for zune. You can also leave us an iTunes Review, Follow us on Twitter , join us on Facebook or Send us an email at

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Episode 16-Short Show for All

We are back with another great episode. This one is a variety of topics ranging from Television to Movies to Video Games. There is truly something for all so Everybody Wins. If you enjoy the show feel free to leave an iTunes review,Zune review, comment here, email at or on Twitter at GeeksFTWPodcast. Below are links related to the show.

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Episode 15-The Doctor is Back

We are back this week and we are talking about the hit BBC show Doctor Who. We get deep into season 5,maybe a little too deep, and discuss the rumor of a big budget Doctor Who Movie.  This episode is just with Stuart and myself.  We do want to warn our listeners who have been watching Doctor Who on BBC America that there are some Spoilers of the end of the season. We Highly recommend you wait till you have watch the last episode before you listen. We do ask that you leave feedback. Leave us an iTunes Review, Email us at , Leave a comment here, or leave us feedback on our Facebook Page. With that said we hope you enjoy another episode of The GeeksFTW!

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Episode 14- The Dark Passenger Returns

After a longer then expected holiday break we are back! In this episode we get up to date with Dexter. We talk about season 4 in detail as well as make predictions about season 5. We welcome back Matt aka Patriot1030 from . So sit back and relax with a shorter episode of GeeksFTW! Expect a much longer episode next time as we discuss season 5 of Doctor Who.

Episode 13-Red Dead Round-table

This is our Round-table for Red Dead Redemption. We are joined with Jason aka Faitios from the Talking About Gamers Podcast and Jbird360 from the Scarcasm podcast. We go in detail with this game. And we spoil the hell out of it. You have been warned. We hope you enjoy this episode. As always you can leave feedback by commenting here on the website, email us at, or DM us on twitter @GeeksFTWPodcast.

E3 Day 2 Impressions

This is our 2nd day of E3 impressions. We talk about Nintendo’s Press Conference and the Big announcements they made. We also discuss what Sony brought to the table. Many great announcements were made and we not only recap but give our input on how we feel about what all was said.

E3 Day 1 Impressions

Join myself and Stuart as we discuss our feelings on all the announcements made at the Microsoft, EA, and Ubisoft press conferences. Then we make our predictions for Nintendo and Sony’s Press Conferences.

Episode 12-Goodbye LOST

This episode we are dedicating it to the popular TV show Lost. As many would know Lost recently had its Series Finale. Many are upset and Many are pleased with this ending. We are joined with Anthony from OpenForumRadio.  We discuss how we each feel about the ending,What we would have done to make it better, and discuss some of our favorite moments.

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Episode 11-EmpireFTW!

This episode is in honor of the Anniversary of Star Wars and the 30th Anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back. We are joined by Jason aka Faitios from the TalkingAboutGamers Podcast. We discuss all things Star Wars with a few tangents. We discuss the movies,of course, as well as our favorite characters, how its made an impact on our lives, the video games and much much more. We truly do “Geek Out”. Remember to leave us a comment on the site, on iTunes,Send feedback at or follow us on twitter at GeeksFTWPodcast. We want to hear the good and bad from our listeners.

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