Are There too Many Ways to Watch Movies these days?


Going to the movies these days can be a bit overwhelming in the number of variations that movies are released. Typically nowadays you can either choose the 3D version or the 2D version. That is if your movie theater offers 3D movies. Then you get then IMAX version movies thrown in.  Of course only available at IMAX theaters and those are usually in 3D these days. And if you go to a really nice theater you can get DBOX or even 4K. Now where getting even more variations with the Hobbit movies and the upcoming Avatar sequels of High Frame Rate.


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The upcoming Interstellar has 6 different versions of their movie. You have your standard Digital, then you got 4K Digital, and then you have IMAX, next you get 35mm and 70mm version, finally you have the IMAX 70mm at select theaters.  I thought that film was almost a thing of the past except for those small family owned one theater towns.

I’m ok with your standard 2D and 3D and even IMAX and 4K but when you start using even more gimmicks to get people to pay even more to “see the movie the way the director wants it to be seen” just makes me not want to see the movie at all. If it’s the way it was meant to be seen then release it at the normal price and not have to take out a loan to see the Super Ultra High Res High Frame Maga Hologram version. There is nothing wrong with standard 2D digital so make us feel poor because we can’t afford take our family of four to see the the “good” version because we’d rather spend that $73 + tax (actual price for 4 DBOX tickets of Annabelle at the closest theater to me with DBOX) toward groceries.

What do you think? Are there just too many versions of movies in theaters?