A Cautionary Tale From The World of DayZ


A lovely box of Crunchin’ Crisps

I’m still somewhat new to DayZ. I have trouble just finding supplies to live let alone defend myself. I was at the military base just north of Kamenka, being very pleased with myself having found two cans of food and water bottle which had I filled. I was also happy to find backpack, a fireman’s ax, and M4 rifle. I had found my first gun. Yippy. Couldn’t find any correct ammo though. As I was exiting one of the barracks and I ran across a stranger. Having been killed at that base before I was cautious of him, seeing he had a rifle as well. We both quickly stated that we were “friendly” and circle strafed pasted each other. I continued my search for supplies that other people had left behind. I ran into the hospital and found a few medical supplies included some charcoal tablets and an IV starter kit. I also found a box of cereal. That brought my total food count to a box of cereal and a can of baked beans and a can of spaghetti. While searching the roof, not really expecting to find anything there. I hear a voice behind me say “Do you have any food?” I turned to see the stranger from before. I told him, “Yeah,” and dropped the box of cereal. He said thanks and we parted ways and I heard him munching on the cereal as I descended the building. I managed to sneak out of the military base, because you never know who’s watching, I took the wooded path and crawled under and concrete wall and through a broken fence.

I headed north to Pavlovo. And once there I noticed that every building’s door was open. My heart sank. I searched the open buildings anyway in hopes of finding supplies that the previous looters had dropped or left behind. As I darted in and out of houses, I made sure to stop and look around the area for other players or a wandering zed. Another shock to my heart, a player. I hid in a bush and watched intently at the players movements. After watching *him* dart in and out of the houses as well, I determined that that was the man from the hospital roof. I smiled and started walking down the road while the Incredible Hulk music played in my head.



This is where things start going wrong. I had ignored the road signs and got myself turned around in Pavlovo and instead of walking North toward Zele, I was walking South back toward Kamenka. Along the trip I got hungry and had to use the ax to open my can of beans. In doing so, I spilled 40% of is on the ground. I finished the can and continued walking the wrong way. Once again hunger had come over me. And once again I used my ax to open my last can of food. Delicious spaghetti. I finished off the spaghetti and continued on.

As I turned a corner and walked over a hill I saw the sea and immediately knew my mistake. Having already checked Kamenka and didn’t bother looking in any of the buildings. I noticed that once again I was hungry but this time I had no food satisfy me. Then came my next mistake having East and West flipped in my mind from walking the opposite direction I turned right toward was I thought was Cherno.

I searched the buildings in the bay but they were barren. So on I walked in hopes to finding food not knowing that nothingness was ahead of me. Soon came across the edge of the map. I then layed down and just stared at the road in defeat. I sighed and turned around and started back toward Kamenka. I was starting to really worry about my hunger by this point knowing that an empty town lay before me. I ran to Kamenka, I quickly searched a couple of the buildings along the road for any form of food, rotten or otherwise. My heart soared when I found a rotten orange. Not knowing this was my third mistake, I inhaled the mold covered orange but alas it did nothing to help my hungry. I began to start starving by this point. Panic crept through my veins as I sprinted down the road.

I started noticing a strange taste in my mouth. I knew it was from the rotten the fruit I just inhaled. I noticed a lighthouse on a hill just to the left of me. I ran up the hill praying the Zombie God that food was inside. I was forsaken. nothing. I quickly shimmied down the lighthouse ladder and ran for a town I saw in the distance. By this point the funny taste in my mouth was starting to make me sick. I tried to ingest the charcoal tablets to see if that worked but sadly it had no effect on the poison now running through my body. Once again I panic and sprint toward the town in sight.

DayZ-15I run up to the first building and open the door and find nothing inside. I run out the back door and turn toward the next building…and blackness was all I saw next. I had fallen unconscious. If I had hung onto the box of cereal I may have made it to my next meal but sadly I was too nice and gave it away to a stranger, and for all I know committed suicide by running off the roof of the hospital after eating the food I gave him. Or perhaps he lives on and his saving new spawns from bandits and being a hero.

I will never know.